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Learn about Tanais Games

Tanais Games is an independent development studio with a self assigned, very important quest. At birth in the autumn of 2015, its members set a quest that consisted of developing high quality point & click adventure games, turning on imagination and giving fun to the players while pushing them away from everyday lives. Picking up inspiration from the 90’s greatest point & click titles, the studio is using its creativity and passion to become the missing piece of the puzzle in the lately genre renaissance.

Based in Croatia, Tanais Games is named after the ancient Greek city of Tanais where two tablets were discovered in the 19th century. The Tanais tablets, which form the main part of the studio’s logo, are considered important for the early Croatian history.

Tanais Games, with the past in mind, is looking to the future while accomplishing its own quest. Our motto is: Let’s bring back the glory days of point and click adventure games!

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