Tanais Games studio

Learn about Tanais Games

Tanais Games is an independent game studio located in Croatia. In autumn of 2015, a small group of people came together to realize an inspiring goal: to foster a cooperative environment which would enable the team's many talents to come up with high quality, creative, and most of all, story-driven gaming experiences.   

When we create our games, immersiveness comes first. We want players to absorb the atmosphere of our settings to the fullest. This is why we pour our gaming passion into creating detailed and authentic explorable worlds – so that all their elements work in tandem to draw players into their surroundings, letting them experience the story through our characters themselves.

Our studio is named after the ancient Greek city of Tanais, where two tablets were discovered in the 19th century. The Tanais tablets, whose silhouettes form a part of the studio’s logo, are considered important for early Croatian history; a source that is one among many of our wells of inspiration.

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