Can you follow the trail?

Marko Tominić
by Marko Tominić
on 07 June 2016

As the reveal date of Saint Kotar is lurking around the corner, in this blog post I will point out ways how to easily follow the trail leading to the game (read: how to easily follow the news and everything related to the game).

Let’s start with the blog. Here you will find lots of stuff related directly to the development of the game, so basically it will be a devblog. But, except writing about the challenges we face during development, posts related to Saint Kotar will also involve your interaction (visitors/fans) with us. For example, there will be posts where we ask for feedback about parts of the game, and contests where we ask to name objects or NPC’s. In addition, we will write about conferences and meetings we as a studio participate to show the game. It will be fun and (we hope) educational for you, with insights how the games are made.

Except for the blog, you can follow us on social networks and by subscribing to our newsletter. Newsletters will cover only the most important news once or twice a month, as we don’t want to overwhelm our fans inboxes. Social networks are a completely different thing, as there we will cover on a daily basis everything related to the game and beyond. Our page on Facebook and our profile on Twitter will cover everything, from news about the game and exclusive screenshots, to stories related to the gaming world and beyond. It’s important to notice, we have separate profiles/pages/newsletters for the studio and for the game Saint Kotar, and you should follow both of course.

Oh, and don’t miss the reveal of the Saint Kotar full website on June 09 at 6 hours, 6 minutes and 6 second Central European Summer Time (CEST). Why would someone miss a chance to realize if he fears the unknown?


Marko Tominić
Hi Enrico! We are still very much in development, there's still lots of work to be done. But, in a few months we are going to release a short playable demo of the game. In order to make our vision of the game come to reality, we'll need additional funds, and so the demo will be available at the same time while launching the Kickstarter campaign. As of now, we don't know yet the KS date, but it will be probably by end of June or beginning of July at the latest. After a successful end of campaign we are planning to release the full game somewhere in Q2 of 2018.If you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll be able to play the demo a week before we make it available for the rest :) Oh, and very soon we'll show some early footage of the gameplay here on the blog and social networks. Kind regards, and cordiali saluti da Tanais Games ;-)
posted 06 March 2017 11:37:30
Hi !!!i'm Enrico from Italy. I'm very interested in your project. If it's possible, there is an ipotetic date of publishing?Thank you very muchBest regards
posted 03 March 2017 11:04:11

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