Enjoy the festivities!

Tomislav Bosnić
by Tomislav Bosnić
on 24 December 2018

We hope that you're already settled cozily within your homes, enjoying what the holidays have to offer. Our team is also taking a reprieve, but an ever so slight one – we wouldn't want to leave the horrors of Saint Kotar unchecked for too long, if at all. But a few days won't hurt anybody... will they?

It was a rocky road for us the past year, but we're entering the coming one with optimism, as we're finally closing in on our primary goals of releasing the game's demo and Kickstarter campaign (and of course, eventually, the full game). If you want to stay on top of news related to these two, make sure to wishlist Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask on Steam, and join our Discord server or subscribe to the newsletter. Should you choose any of the latter two options, you'll have the unique opportunity of helping us playtest the demo before its release!

Our team was also invited to participate in Adventure Gamers' “An FMV Christmas 2018: Season’s greetings” event! Considering the thematic nature of Saint Kotar, the spirit of this season isn't exactly our forte. But nevertheless, we've (partially) found a way around it, and prepared a short Christmas story for you – you can find it among the videos of our fellow developers in Adventure Gamers' compilation. The original video’s duration exceeded the time available in the compilation, so we’ve also uploaded the full version on Tanais Games’ YouTube channel; you can find it posted below.

And to quote our Christmas short: This year, gift something special. On behalf of everyone here at Tanais, happy holidays!


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