Lurking the fear

Marko Tominić
by Marko Tominić
on 21 November 2016

You ever had that strange, uncanny sense, someone or something is lurking nearby, watching you and waiting for the right moment to make the move? Now imagine the opposite, you are the one lurking, and to make it more bizarre you are lurking something that ignites fear in you…

In the past months we’ve made a significant progress with Saint Kotar. The main focus was the work on:

  • Backgrounds (scenes). At the moment you can find in the media section only few concept art of the scenes. In terms of composition, atmosphere and mood they give the right idea of how the final scenes will look, but there’s still a lot of work to be done with them before we can call them “final in-game scenes”.
  • Plot, scenario. Although most of the story is already written and regarded as finished, we wrote and re-wrote parts of it. It’s almost certain we will do it again since the narrative is a crucial part of the game.
  • Puzzle design. Gameplay must follow the story in a natural way, and puzzles have to be challenging but at the same time fair and logic. There’s still lots of work to be done here.
  • Animating characters and environments. Having a psychological horror narrative leads to the need of investing considerable work and careness in character and environment animations, we consider them to be crucial for the immersiveness and overall atmosphere of the game.
  • User interface. Designing the UI is a delicate process. We want it to be simple, logic and minimalistic, with a horror touch.

Early concept art of the scene at the lake. Fishing by night.

As you can see, we’ve worked on different elements of the project. Like in any other game development studio, sometimes unpredictable problems can occur and cause projects to slowdown. We’ve faced them and solved, we don’t fear problems. But they forced us to rearrange our initial plan, which was to release a playable demo by the end of the year. Right now we are shifting all our energy towards its development and we are aiming to release it in spring. But here comes a problem - while developing the demo fear is growing. What ignites fear in us is something that will happen at the same time of the demo release, something we are lurking and regarding as a big opportunity that would allow us to invest even more time into the project, giving a chance to Saint Kotar to become an important part of the p’n’c genre - the Kickstarter campaign.

Why fear the Kickstarter campaign? We love the project and we are very excited how it’s coming along. But, while each team member is putting really hard work into it, right now that’s mostly part time. The Kickstarter campaign would give us way more time to invest into the project, allowing it to progress faster and better. Additionally, the funds from the campaign would be invested in quality voice acting, more localization languages, marketing etc. Early concept art of the scene in front of the restaurant.To make it short, the Kickstarter campaign would allow the project to flourish and show its full potential, and that’s frightening. Why? Because times have changed. The glory days were in the 90’s, when the genre was probably the most popular of all available. We are now living in the era of shooters and casual games. The average player wants great 3D graphics, multiplayer features, and easy singleplayer campaigns. If done right, point and click adventure games are mostly the opposite of that. Quality p&c games have excellent stories, engaging puzzles and stylish art. While it’s true that there were many successful campaigns on Kickstarter involving point and click adventure games, the ones that reached goals easy were from well known developers. Currently, of course, we are nowhere near to be considered as a well known developer and that’s the reason why we’ll need every help we can get from the community. More informations about the demo and more details about the campaign we will share in the upcoming months.
Follow us and join our quest, the only way to defeat the fear of Kickstarter is to make it together with you! Oh, and I’ve almost forgot, subscribing to the game’s newsletter will grant you access to the playable demo a week before its release.


Marko Tominić
Hi Leonardo! We're currently working on the playable demo and as soon as we finish it, we'll launch the Kickstarter campaign. The date isn't yet decided, we'll know more in the upcoming weeks. You can read more about the playable demo and the plan for the KS campaign in this blog post: http://www.tanaisgames.com/blog-post/crafting-the-official-cover. Cheers! :-)
posted 10 October 2017 12:17:41
Hello when can we support the game on kickstarter??? Im Leonardo from Uruguay se. américa!!! Im a huge fan of gi. Knight games!!! It seems pretty good Saint kotar... So when is the date of kicjstarter campain?
posted 06 October 2017 17:20:18
Marko Tominić
Hi Rodrigo, thank you for the kind words! :) We are using Unity, in addition with the Adventure Creator asset.
posted 24 March 2017 11:03:55
Rodrigo Herrera Sellan
I love the graphics, awesome... i want to now what engine you use to make the game? thanks
posted 23 March 2017 20:22:20
Your post reminded me of Iron Maiden\'s song Fear of the Dark :Dhttps://youtu.be/qEja72NSg5Q
posted 23 November 2016 12:44:23

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