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Tomislav Bosnić
by Tomislav Bosnić
on 05 November 2018

Since our last blog post concerning the launch of our demo and Kickstarter campaign, we have been hard at work, still firmly standing by our high production standards, our foremost intent being the delivery of an enjoyable, polished gameplay preview experience that would allow you to form a reliable image of what you can expect from Saint Kotar.

But the development process is a fickle thing, and releasing a demo build that matches the above goal will not be possible in our previously anticipated period. We regret that things did not play out the way we envisioned them to, but you can rest assured that both the demo and Kickstarter are still coming.

We will most certainly not, however, leave you without any insight into what we have been doing all this time! Our Kickstarter campaign is actually entirely ready: artwork, rewards and texts included, making us eager to press that launch button, but we can only do so after we have completed the demo. We want to couple the two so that the community can have a personal experience with the game they are investing in. Our characters and story have also been further fleshed out in order to provide you with a believable, immersive adventure. The creativity of our art team has also continued to impress; numerous additional visual assets and background scenes have been made, and our original soundtrack has been completed! In addition to all of this, our chosen voice actors stand ready to bring our characters to life, and will soon take to it, as the gameplay and dialogue progress towards their final stages.

To better illustrate our progress, or at the very least a small portion of it, we attached this image of improvements to one of our scenes and characters:

Image showcasing progress on one of our scenes and characters

Image showcasing progress on one of our scenes and characters

Some of the things that remain to be completed include recording sessions for our voice actors, as well as some technical work in Unity and playtesting. This last requirement is something you may be able to help with as well! As the demo begins to draw near, subscribers of our newsletter and participants of our Discord server will both have an exclusive chance to aid us in straightening out those final hitches by testing the demo before its release! If this sounds appealing to you, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and join our Discord server at https://discordapp.com/invite/ctwCKAw. Another way to keep in touch with our developments is by adding Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask to your wishlist on Steam – it has been wishlisted by 7200 players already!

While this delay is not what we wanted, it will not stop us from going forward. In our earlier blogs, we mentioned that the reason we are launching a Kickstarter campaign is tied to the studio's need for financial support, one that exceeded the means available at the time. This has not changed, even with this delay, but letting a project we poured our heart and soul into sink because of it is not acceptable. To this end, we will keep ourselves afloat with a workaround - a private investment from Marko, our team's leader. We will be able to decide on a Kickstarter and demo release date in the following months, and we will let you know about it as soon as possible on all our outlets (check them out below the newsletter section).

Finally, you may have noticed that the blog is not being posted by Marko this time around. It may be odd of me to introduce myself at the very end, but since one of my first posting activities coincides with news as important as this, we thought it best to deliver what is most relevant to you first. I'm Tomislav, and I have been working alongside Marko on community management for a while now, while also handling the editing of all of our team's text-related content. With another member active on this side of things, we will be able to communicate with you more regularly and hopefully provide you with an informative insight into the game's current state of affairs and ideas surrounding it more often than we were able to so far.

Thank you for your support and understanding!


Marko Tominić
I can't express well enough how much these kind words of support from all of you mean to us! Thank you, we'll make this wait worth it.
posted 07 November 2018 10:47:46
I keep my fingers crossed for yours game and I can not wait. Greetings!
posted 07 November 2018 08:36:02
We love the game. You improved the look so much! Keep on working on it!
posted 06 November 2018 23:09:42
Marko Tominić
Alen and Blackhue, thank you guys for the kind words and support! :)
posted 06 November 2018 15:10:17
You are doing a great job! Just keep rolling, guys!
posted 06 November 2018 11:47:02
Great improvements! Can't wait for that demo :)
posted 06 November 2018 10:36:33
Marko Tominić
Thanks, David! :)
posted 05 November 2018 22:22:12
David Tims
Wow looking good, been watching the process for a long while now good to see it coming along.
posted 05 November 2018 20:00:38

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