Playable demo and Kickstarter launch date!

Marko Tominić
by Marko Tominić
on 07 November 2017

While working on "Saint Kotar" I keep telling myself: “Try to make a game that may change your life”.
Some of you might say, this is a very high standard indeed, but it’s actually the only standard acceptable to me. And as I’m not working alone on "Saint Kotar", I built a team that shares this approach and is willing to live through the long hours, to overcome their fear of failure and to accept the many throwbacks we, as any game developer, need to experience in order to succeed. Together, our goal is to make “Saint Kotar” a game that will change not only our lives but whose lore will hopefully fascinate many players and perhaps even be remembered by adventure gamers for a long time to come.

The playable demo we’re currently working on won’t be a proof of concept or a teaser. It will offer you a “vertical slice” of “Saint Kotar”, which means it will sound, look and play like the full game and it’s going to last up to 30 minutes. Some of you have been following us for quite some time. You have encouraged us with your comments and contributed valuable critical remarks. These last weeks you have even kept asking how long it will take us to come to Kickstarter. Your kind interest means very much to us and we hate to keep you waiting. So far, we made tremendous progress. Nevertheless, the demo still needs more hard work to be ready for release.
A few days ago we finally made our decision: "Saint Kotar: the Awakening" (working title for the playable demo) will be released on April 10, 2018, the launch day of our Kickstarter campaign. To some of our fans, this date may come as a surprise as you might have expected we'd do the campaign earlier, but we are confident this is the right decision.
First and most important of all, it gives us enough time to polish the demo and to achieve the quality we are aiming at. Even if we can easily manage to release the demo earlier, we still would not launch our campaign on Kickstarter before April. Experience shows that the festivities and the beginning of the year are not the ideal period for a crowdfunding campaign. Don't worry: in the meantime, we’re going to continue our work on "Saint Kotar", even if this means we'll have to finance the game out of our pocket up until then. There will be no standstill in development, not one day.

And to mark the reveal of our Kickstarter launch date, we’ve made a new gameplay video: “Follow the Fear”! It shows Nikolay, one of the playable characters, trying to find his way into the mysterious forest of Karkasa located in the remote Croatian mountains.
Please note that this is pre-alpha gameplay - everything you see and hear in the video is a work in progress. Most elements are not yet final, even the texts will change. The lip sync and the characters’ voices are still missing, but they will be included in the demo and, of course, "Saint Kotar" will be fully voiced to offer you complete immersion.

Stay connected or become a new member of the game’s growing community. As mentioned before, some of our subscribers will get to play the demo before the official release! At the end of this important update, the team and I, we want to thank you for being with us and giving us the opportunity to make a game that might perhaps even change some of your lives.


Marko Tominić
Yes, it is a 3D rigged model, animated completely with the knowledge of our 3D artist (many trials and errors until a certain level of quality and requirements are met). We do use a shader to make the characters look as close as possible to 2D, in order for them to blend nicely with the backgrounds.
posted 09 March 2018 22:54:24
Is main character rigged 3D model ? What do you use for animating it ? Or do you use 2D sprite animations ?
posted 09 March 2018 11:55:56
Marko Tominić
Tomislav, what do you mean exactly?
posted 07 March 2018 19:18:43
How do you make character animations ?
posted 07 March 2018 18:31:24
Marko Tominić
Thank you Lee! April is very near and we're very excited how the demo is shaping up!
posted 14 February 2018 12:28:55
Looks great!looking forward to the final product.
posted 14 February 2018 10:51:46
Marko Tominić
Hi Leonardo! Thank you for the kind words and support, they mean everything to us! :-)
posted 09 November 2017 16:13:08
Excelent i support you come on lets continuos with your excelent WORK we are all behind you
posted 07 November 2017 20:21:07

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