Reboot Develop 2016

Marko Tominić
by Marko Tominić
on 07 June 2016

Reboot Develop, one of the premier game developer conferences in Europe this year took place in Split, Croatia. Since our first game Saint Kotar is still very early in development, without a demo to show at indie expo of the conference, we had a hard time to decide whether to attend it or not. Just kidding! It was enough to look at the speakers to understand that this was something we couldn’t miss. Tim Schafer, Charles Cecil, Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone, Noirin Carmody, Rhianna Pratchett…in total 84 speakers! We named only those involved with point and click adventure or narrative driven games, but the rest of them (like John Romero or Cliff Bleszinski) were great too.

The venue of the conference was amazing, lectures were inspiring and educational, and we met a lot of people. Conferences like Reboot offer a great opportunity to learn and meet new people, but they also give something more - a sense you are not “alone” in the industry. Let me explain this. Developing a game for us is really amazing, our dream job. But, it is often stressful and it gives nightmares when facing hundreds of problems at the same time. There are lots of new things we face every day, and this is not uncommon, since even industry veterans have same experiences. Of course, game development isn’t the only job/business with problems and challenges, same things happen in every other job people do for living. Conferences like this are a great way to see, and/or to remind yourself, that every other person in game development face exactly the same challenges and problems. It is great to see how they solve them, how they deal with the pressure solving them, and in the end it is great to know you are not alone, even if the person you talked to is 500km away. It’s helpful and energizing.

Next year the conference will take place in Dubrovnik (yes, the place where Game of Thrones and Star Wars were filmed), with over 100 speakers and tons of great people to meet and talk to. Until then, we have to rise a child in the best way possible and take it with us - our beloved game Saint Kotar.


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