Saint Kotar website revealed!

Marko Tominić
by Marko Tominić
on 09 June 2016

The devilish time has come, Saint Kotar full website has been finally revealed! You can head over to check it out right now, but I will share some details here as well, with some additional explanations.

“Saint Kotar is a 2D point and click adventure game coming out in 2017 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.” - yes, Saint Kotar is a true 2D classic point and click adventure game! “The game merges psychological horror narrative and classically inspired point & click adventure mechanics with switchable characters.” - yes, this means you will be able to switch between the protagonists during the game. “Digitally hand-painted with a distinctive 2D art style that fits the game’s mood, fully voiced and featuring an original eerie soundtrack, Saint Kotar draws inspiration from p&c classics like Broken Sword and Monkey Island, along with the works from horror fiction writers such as H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.” - as a gamer, I’m in love and obsessed with point and click adventure games and to say it more generally with all narrative games. I love to read, figure out puzzles and explore worlds and characters. I’m a gamer since the end of the 80’s, I can assure you - this is eternal love. As a reader and writer, I’m amazed with Lovecraft and Poe. Mysteries and a profound sense of dread building up while progressing trough the story form just a small part of the reason why works from these two writers are still so highly worshiped. So, mixing the part of myself as a gamer with the part as a reader and writer, and you get as a result a beloved child - Saint Kotar.

You can find out more about the game at the official website, and don’t forget to follow us since more details (and mysteries) will be revealed down the road. Exciting times lie ahead, for us at Tanais Games as a developer, and for you, our loved fans, as players…or worshipers of the unknown?!


Marko Tominić
Hi Richard, thank you for the kind words! They really mean a lot to us, and keep us pushing even harder to make Saint Kotar the best we can. Keep following us, as somewhere by the end of the year we will release a short playable demo of the game! :)
posted 07 July 2016 16:35:33
Hello,I really am looking forward to this game! I myself am a great fan of point and click adventures and the screenshots look amazing!The story sounds very good, very dark.Can\'t wait!Greetings from The Netherlands.Richard.
posted 05 July 2016 13:02:33
Marko Tominić
Hi Marinko, since we are very early in development of the game, it is hard to tell when we will have a pre-order of the game available, but it will happen for sure. There are even plans to make a Kickstarter campaign by the end of the year, and if that happens we will need all the help we can get from the fans. In mid summer we will reveal our intentions (or not) for a Kickstarter campaign. As for the Croatian localization of the game. Saint Kotar will have by default the English language (text + voices), and it will be localized in German, Italian and Spanish at release (only text, not voices). We will try to add also a Croatian localization, it makes sense to have it since we are after all a Croatian developer, but this takes additional time and resources to make it happen, so we need time to think about it. Thank you for you comment and follow us for more news and updates :)
posted 14 June 2016 13:20:19
Marinko Knežević
Poštovanje i lijep pozdrav,Pogledao sam članak na HCLU, i jako mi se sviđa vaš predstojeći projekt.Želio bih vas podržat na neki način pa me zanima da li će te pravit kave prednarudžbe ili tako nesto slično za Sain Kotar.Da li će bit dostupni dijalozi i na našem jeziku.Lijep pozdravMarinko Knežević+387 63 453 029
posted 10 June 2016 20:11:17

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