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Tomislav Bosnić
by Tomislav Bosnić
on 08 March 2019

For some time now we've been receiving questions about the status of Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask, most of them expressing worry about the successful delivery of this demo, as well as the full game that would follow a successful Kickstarter campaign.

We know that we've been radio silent for the past couple of months, but there's no reason to worry; this is only because all of our efforts are concentrated on finishing the demo as soon as possible – we want to show it to you as badly as you want to play it, and we've been working diligently towards realizing this goal day after day (weekends being no exception!)

We are extremely grateful for the patience you've already shown, and we hope to repay it sooner rather than later. However, we thought it best to keep all the new details under wraps until everything is finalized. You can also help us by wishlisting the demo if you already haven't, and designating appropriate tags for it on Steam. That way, it’s more likely that it will reach an interested audience - you can do it with the help of the little ‘+’ sign in the tags section to the right!

As always, you can rest assured that we'll be sharing whatever new developments we can as soon as they are ready. Until then, stay tuned!


Jan Beljak
Hm... Misteriozan mali gradić u gorskom kotaru, magla, ambijentalna glazba i atmosfera je win-win za mene. Još kad bi se pojavilo neke mitsko biće iz slavenske mitologije... Bilo bi epic :D u svakom slučaju, hvale vrijedan projekt.
posted 28 March 2019 18:51:28

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