To Dubrovnik and back

Marko Tominić
by Marko Tominić
on 02 May 2018

Wednesday, April 18, early morning. After a few shots of coffee, we closed our laptops, filled our bags with promotional goodies, packed everything we deemed necessary, informed our ladies we will drive carefully and prepared ourselves for a ten-hour drive to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city where Game of Thrones and Star Wars were filmed was now soon-to-become the city where Saint Kotar was showed in public for the first time! It is, of course, the city of Dubrovnik, which hosted the Reboot Develop conference.

Reboot Develop 2018

The long drive quickly became a ten-hour brainstorming session where we discussed Saint Kotar's progress and the ongoing preparations for the Kickstarter campaign. Our discussion was briefly interrupted only by the beautiful scenery we encountered while skimming past Gorski Kotar - the mountainous region of Croatia where the game takes place. After arriving in Dubrovnik late at night and unpacking everything for the first day at Reboot Develop, excited as we all were, we tried to close our eyes for a few hours and prepare for the previewing of Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask.

Saint Kotar merchandise at Reboot Develop 2018

After an epic opening ceremony of the conference, with a Sith lord orchestrating the Star Wars themed music, we were ready to finally take our positions at the booth. All three days of the conference there was practically no time for us to playtest other videogames, as we had to answer multiple inquiries from attendees. The booth was easily spotted with Saint Kotar promotional materials, the yellow masks more than anything else. We couldn't be happier with the feedback we got. Although we were only showing the preview version, hearing opinions from different perspectives gave us an invaluable experience. Not only were these the first external insights in what we’ve made so far, but most of our testers were developers or in some other way members of the video game industry themselves. And, although we value each player and colleague as an important part of our journey as developers, we must highlight a specific visit we received the last day of the conference, from a person that has a special meaning in the community: Charles Cecil! Mister Cecil, one of the founding fathers of the point-and-click genre and creator of the Broken Sword series, decided to play Saint Kotar. He liked the game and gave us a promise to help us spread the word about it once we launch the Kickstarter campaign. He was pleased to take the Saint Kotar t-shirt and we were so proud he did. What a day!

In retrospect, Reboot Develop 2018 was a great experience for all of us, ranging from valuable talks with the players and colleagues to listening guitar songs on the beach under a crystal night sky. It was a mix of hard work, small amount of sleep and persistent adrenaline rush. We had a great time together, and when the conference ended we felt a little bit sad it was over so soon. Thankfully, we met a lot of interesting and good people from the industry, and hopefully even some fans and friends. Now that we are back in trenches, it is time to fully concentrate on the Kickstarter campaign and make final touches to the playable demo. Subscribe to the game's newsletter list to stay tuned, as the announcement about the exact release date is coming soon!

Tanais Games team posing with the yellow masks


Marko Tominić
Jon, yes, you solved that puzzle 100% correctly! :-) In addition, Benedek and Nikolay are friends back from the university days. That's how Nikolay and Viktoria met actually.
posted 26 May 2018 10:19:49
How do the protagonists relate to each other? Since Nikolay and Viktoria both have the same last name does that mean they are husband and wife? And Benedek kind of resembles Viktoria, might they be brother and sister?
posted 25 May 2018 20:13:49
Marko Tominić
The screenshots look darker than they actually are in-game. We can't answer on the question though, we would spoil the experience :-)
posted 10 May 2018 10:48:07
Good work with the screenshots. Will the player have (or need) a flashlight to light up dark areas? The room in screenshot two looks rather dark, though maybe there is a light switch somewhere that he can use to illuminate the place better.
posted 09 May 2018 16:53:42

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