Who are we?

Marko Tominić
by Marko Tominić
on 07 June 2016

We are Tanais Games, an independent game development studio from Croatia, European Union. Founded in autumn 2015, the studio’s mission is to develop high quality point & click adventure games while drawing inspiration from the 90’s greatest p&c titles. Using creativity and passion the studio wants to become the missing piece of the puzzle in the lately genre renaissance. Well, let’s explain it more simply, we are obsessed with p&c adventure games and we are going to make lots of them!

Why this particular name Tanais? Well, Tanais Games is named after the ancient Greek city of Tanais where two tablets were discovered in the 19th century. The Tanais tablets, which form the main part of the studio’s logo, are considered important for the early Croatian history. So, with the past in mind, we are looking to the future while accomplishing our own mission - to develop high quality p&c adventure games while giving entertainment to the players with fun gameplay.

There’s more about us under the Studio section of the website, and you can follow us subscribing to the newsletter, reading our blog posts, or following us on social networks. We are here, and we won’t stop anytime soon. Let’s bring back the glory days of point and click adventure games!


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