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Luka Vukajlović
by Luka Vukajlović
on 27 June 2018

Big announcement! Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask Steam store page is live! You can now wishlist the playable demo to keep an eye on the launch date and to stay on track with updates and announcements. Join the community hub page as well and become a part of an exciting adventure!

Speaking of The Yellow Mask and its release date, let’s get to the point immediately: launch has been postponed for summer. The decision was not made easily and we are probably risking to lose a few valuable souls who patiently waited for the release in spring. It was a hard choice made by the entire team due to recent decisions and changes in the development of the demo, with all of them bringing us closer to how we originally envisioned Saint Kotar should look, sound and play like. The primary reason for this delay was a decision to increase the number of scenes in our demo, which we believe give a much better introduction to the game itself. In addition, further improvements are being made to already existing scenes and game assets. This increase brought an additional workload to our small team, and cutting corners to save time is never an option for us.

Saint Kotar character comparison
One of the many improvements we've made recently (not final yet).


Perhaps we are being overly cautious but we won't accept half solutions for something that is meant to be a showcase of the full game in which we’ve invested so much time, energy, money and a big chunk of our souls. So many things are at stake with the playable demo and the Kickstarter campaign! Try to understand our position and the reason why we want and need to be extra careful - we cannot finish the full game without the Kickstarter success, and the quality of the demo forms a vital part of that success.

Kickstarter campaign preparations also require a lot of our attention. Just to give you a glimpse of the process - we analyzed over four dozen similar campaigns bit by bit, tier by tier, all in order to provide you with a straightforward campaign with rewards we would be proud of. It's a road we still have to cross fully, but major steps are already done. Do not forget: the Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on the same day of the playable demo release. Seeing how our appetites are growing, we also decided to bring some reinforcements to our small team as well. Our newest member - me! I am Luka Vukajlović and I’m here to help the team with Kickstarter campaign preparations. With an additional pair of hands the team is looking to concentrate more on the overall process of the demo release without missing any important elements. It was a welcome and needed decision, but there’s something to keep in mind too: my addition to the team brings additional pressure to our already very thin budget. This is a good sign actually, a sign that we are really very close to the demo release and Kickstarter campaign launch as we cannot keep going without your support.

Ultimately, we consider the decision to delay the demo as a step back followed by two steps forward. Indeed, Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask was not released and we understand the disappointment this could provoke, but the improvements and additional content are elements that are worth the extra wait. Perhaps that's the eternal curse of older gamers like us, who try to put their imagination and hearts into a game title they would enjoy to play themselves. Perhaps it's a blessing after all? In any case, be sure to wishlist the demo and become the judge of that somewhere during the summer. And remember: it's because of darkness that we can see the light…


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